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Secondary Battery

Tape for Protection of Bipolar Plates
As a thermo-compressed adhesive tape at room temperatures for the protection of bipolar plates, improving cell stability


This product is used to manufacture bipolar plates for secondary batteries, prevent cracks due to inconsistency at the end part of cathode materials and make insulation. In addition, it has thermo-compressed type that shows good adhesion after heating and room temperature adhesion type that is attached at room temperature. It helps to improve cell stability.

Product Name Backing Thickness
Total Thickness Color Adhesive Al Adhesion
Al Heating Adhesion
Tensile Strength
865P(15) OPP 0.012 0.015 Trans Acryl 250 1.0 100
865P(23) OPP 0.020 0.023 Trans Acryl 250 2.0 100
3121T OPP 0.015 0.018 Trans Acryl 250 2.0 100