Electrical Insulation tape

Hard Coated Polyester Tape
Feature: Heat resistance properties

Hard Coated Polyester Film silicone adhesion based on polyester-film. It is good protection from the hard coating layer. It has excellent heat resistance tape. Hard Coated Polyester Film. It is good adhesive strength and good temperature properties.

Blue tape/film for FFC socket protection/holding tape for air conditioner, printer, and other appliances
PET base film and Acrylic adhesive with no release liner
FFC Socket protection blue tape is an excellent Heat resistance & electric insulation used for FFC socket protection / used as holding tape for various electric parts & appliances.

Insulation Acrylic tape for electronic/electric component (heat resistance, great adhesion to poly-carbonate & metal)
Insulation Acrylic tape is also used for the manufacture of electronic & electric goods.

Insulation Acrylic tape is an acrylic-based adhesive and PET film containing the peel strength 1600gf/in with a total thickness of 60um. Its good heat resistance was tested in a 120degree heating oven.