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(F)PCB Tape/Film

Blue PET Film Silicone Adhesive Tape
Silicone Adhesive Tape is a highly heat-resistant plating masking adhesive tape with a thick adhesive layer applied to a polyester film.


Low adhesion silicone PET tape (Easy to remove)
Silicone Adhesive Tape with high heat resistance & excellent insulation effect
No adhesive residue after removal
Laminated with a release liner (possible to be supplied as ‘Die cut’)
Used for Poron manufacture, (F)PCB manufacture, Silicone removal


PET base film with Silicone adhesive
the release liner is added
Heat resistance : Good in condition of 180C x 10min
Total Thickness : 85um
Adhesion : 35gf/in

Feature Heat-Resistant
Brand Name [DT] tapes for (F)PCB
Model Number: ST-8575B
Material: Polyester
Adhesive: Silicone
Adhesive type: Pressure Sensitive
Adhesive side: Single-Sided
Color Blue
Price Negotiable
MOQ Negotiable
Supply Ability 300000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Day