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Lead frame plating

Color Type
Used to set the lead frame plating and easy to identify


This product is used for lead frame plating and adhering non-plated parts to improve electric and thermal features of the lead frames. It maintains stabilized adhesion to the chemical plating liquid with high cohesion in the adhesive and does not leave any stains or residues when it is removed after plating. In case of the color type, it is easy to identify the lead frame surfaces.

Product Name Base Film
Color Total Thickness
Tensile Strength
9231BN 0.023 Light Blue 0.028 46 35.3 100
9231PR 0.023 Dark Blue 0.029 250 35.3 100
9231B 0.023 Blue 0.028 100 35.3 100
825FG 0.023 Green 0.027 160 35.3 100